Teachers Spotlight

Prepare to be expertly entertained with 45 secs
from each of our attending instructors
in quick succession -
a real feast for the eyes and ears!

Team Performance Champs Category

Can anyone beat The Singapore Sling Circus,
2018 winners of this category?
As a fun finish to the Champs heats,
enjoy performances from Ceroc lovers around the world!


Alice Rutter & Peter Nichol
United Kingdom

UK Ceroc champions Alice and Peter will be taking to the stage for us with a freestyle performance meriting their strong connection and fun musicality.

Winners of the Pan Asia Champs open category two years ago in Bangkok, and this. now their 3rd consecutive Pan Asia Champs, we just had to invite them to perform for us as we love watching them dance!

After only 6 years each of dancing and under 4 years competing together, come and see (when you put your mind and body to it) just how fast you can fly!



Becki Rendell
United Kingdom

Becki is a highly talented performer and teacher with over 2 decades of dance experience.

Not only a Welsh Champs Showcase Winner, Becki was also crowned the Blackpool Showcase Winner in March 2018.

A truly dazzling dancer, Becki certainly wowed us all with her performance and workshop at our Bangkok CPAC back in 2018 CPAC,

so it is our great pleasure to welcome her back to CPAC for Vietnam 2020.


Lilian Chia & Grant Walker

Lilian and Grant are Champion level dancers from Sydney, Australia, with a combined 11 years of Modern Jive experience.

They have a unique and adaptive style that is firmly grounded in Modern Jive but also draws from other dance genres.

Their philosophy of controlled timing, clean technique and lively musicality is evident in their dancing and one they enjoy talking about.

Grant and Lil always hope to bring something new to the floor in both their lead and follow, as well as choreographed works.



Toni Sails
United Kingdom

Toni teaches Ceroc, Zouk, Afrobeat and contemporary dance fusions.

His dance philosophy is fueled by a simple passion for thinking outside the box in order to create.

Watch a fun filled and original performance as part of our CPAC spectacular!



Ceroc Pan Asia Dance Championships

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