Ceroc Asia was established in 2007 in order to spread the love of Ceroc dancing across the Asia Pacific region, officially kicking off with weekly classes in Hong Kong in the autumn of 2007, followed by Singapore in 2011 and Malaysia in 2014.

In 2013 the first Ceroc Asia Champs was held in Hong Kong attended by Ceroc Hong Kong, Ceroc Singapore and Ceroc dancers from Japan. The event has since been held across Asia including in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Bali and will take place, for the first time in Vietnam in October 2020.

Now officially known as the Ceroc Pan Asia Dance Championships, and fondly known as CPAC, it has been designed to include a variety of activities from social sightseeing trips to freestyle dance parties, competition heats to informative workshops. Since we started 7 years ago with a single night event CPAC has now expanded to become a 5 day event followed by a relaxing Dive ‘n Jive Holiday in another part of the country - so you can discover more about the destination each year.

CPAC bears the hashtag #internationaldancefamily, and in 2019 attracted over 150 attendees from 9 different countries to Bali - our largest yet.

Our philosophy is that CPAC should be a meeting point and melting pot for dancers from across the world, where different techniques and styles of Ceroc are represented and explored. We favour a non-intimidating, friendly atmosphere where dancers can mingle, dance and learn. So, what are you waiting for….come and uncover Asia with us!



  • Each year CPAC is held in a different Asian destination, bringing dancers from East and West together.
  • CPAC plays songs from Asia alongside other international hits, broadening the range of musical styles to dance to.
  • The CPAC competition kicks off with Asian Connexion on the Friday night. This heat is where a dancer residing outside of Asia competes in a freestyle dance with a dancer residing in Asia, enabling participants to meet and dance with someone new. No need to find a partner as your Asian Connexion partner will be assigned to you ‘lucky-dip style’ on the night. Just be sure to register in advance if you would like to take part as competitors are entered on a first come first served basis into the lucky dip. Asian Connexion is also open those on a silver pass who might want to just dip their toe into the competition waters.
  • We award a 'Spirit of CPAC’ medal each year to one female and one male dancer, who we feel have best represented what CPAC stands for by demonstrating inclusivity, warmth, friendship and authenticity.
  • You can visit Asia with us! Each year a Dive & Jive holiday is added onto CPAC for a relaxing time, whether you are a diver, a jiver, both or neither, everyone is welcome to come and take in some sand, sea, food and fun as we all relax and chill out after the main event. Choose to come for as little or as long as you like, our dates are suggested dates only.



CPAC is organized by Katie Bridges from Hong Kong, Paige Lee from Singapore and Charmaine Chin from Malaysia. We are always open to hearing what and who YOU would like to see at CPAC so we can truly make this weekend a special experience, where Ceroc minds and feet come together from across the globe.

If you have any questions regarding the following subjects you can contact us below at the email address dance@cerocasia.com for the attention of

Katie Bridges: General Enquiries & Social Activities

Paige Lee: Dive ‘n Jive Holiday

Charmaine Chin: Competition Heats, Rules & Levels

If you know of a suitable venue in an Asian country please suggest it to us - if we can go ahead there, you will receive a free gold pass to attend CPAC.


Katie Bridges: Ceroc Hong Kong

Paige Lee: Ceroc Singapore

Charmaine Chin: Ceroc Malaysia


Ceroc Pan Asia Dance Championships

Have a question? Don't hesitate to reach out to us:

FB: CerocPanAsiaChamps
IG: @cerocasia
+852 6695 0084

Katie Bridges: General Enquiries & Social Activities

Paige Lee: Dive & Jive Holiday

Charmaine Chin: Competition Heats, Rules & Levels

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